damn good service

I applied for my UOB debit card today! (: I was very pleasantly taken aback by the service at UOB (Tampines). The people were amazing! The queues were short, the place was comfortable.

Although I was misled by one lady and ended up queuing for half an hour for nothing, I really wasn’t upset by it at all. The manager came out of the counter booth, led me to the seat, got a queue ticket for me and spoke to another lady at the counter about me. She then smiled at me, told me to have a seat and apologised umpteen times for having to wait. She was extremely patient and helped me with everything step by step!

The manager also waited with me while the lady served the other people before me. When he was walking around, another guy came over, helped check my queue number in case I missed it and when it was my turn, he informed me so.

All that for a debit card that has no annual/monthly fees. Seriously. Wow.

I mean, well if it’s some premium card thing, I’ll be expecting DAMN GOOD hollywood treatment. But for a students account? WOW.

I’m so impressed that I’m already biased towards them. I think I’m gonna stick with them!


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