Tonight made me think hard about whether I’ve spent enough time with the people around me who are leaving / have left. At the same time, I guess there’s never gonna be a time where anyone would say, ‘okay, we’ve spent enough time, let’s stop.’ Especially when they’re such old friends that you lose contact with along the way but catch up so well and just… get you.

Sending off Elise was a toughie. I hugged her about four times today. Once yesterday. Twice at holland village, twice at NTU. Yet I think the number of hugs doesn’t make me feel any better about her leaving. But I know that girl’s a tough nut. She’s gonna go to Imperial, give all the smart kids a hard time and kick their asses, return to Singapore and give us MCs.

Still, she’s gonna be halfway around the world. She’s really the one person I can count on when it comes to gigs. She’ll know when/where they are, and she’ll be the first to tell me she’s going. Apart from Seige, she’s really the only person that I can say, oh I like xx song and she’ll tell me what she thinks of the song. Everyone just gives blank stares.

Back in lower secondary school days, the three of us (elise, audrey and me) would be the gang that always hangs out during breaks. We’d torture audrey by putting her iced drink at the far end of the bench as she tackles her spicy malay food. We’d tease her to death about daniel radcliffe… and some random guy, I forgot his name. The three of us would also play badminton pretty regularly. Sometimes with a fourth person, most of the time without. (We’d team up to make audrey run around the court.) We’re the original bully-audrey team! (though there’re many many teams out there…)

She was the one with the neatest notes, the best notes and the biggest brain. She was the best at accomplishing things and always had the better ambition. When we imagined ourselves in 20 years, I remember we predicted she’d be rich with her rich hubby in a humongous bungalow, far away from anyone else because they’re all rich and smart and snobbish. HAHA.

In JC, I guess we did drift apart. We hardly met up or talked anymore since Simple Plan’s concert and Teddy Geiger’s gig. It was just zilch for the longest time but after A’s, we met up again. And it’s just like the JC life was a void. It’s as though we just came from secondary school, the way we clicked again.

We could always talk, I guess. And I always feel at ease talking to her. She’s always the sensible one yet she knows how to have fun. God knows how many times I’ve whined her name. And I guess until december, I can only whine her name on skype. ‘Eliseeeeeeeee. Eliseeeee!’

I’m gonna miss her, really really. My best memory would probably of us talking till 3am loudly and laughing while audrey sleeps like a log on the same bed. She said she was worried about not fitting in Imperial.

I think she’s not gonna have a problem at all.

I love that girl and I’m gonna miss her.


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