outback steakhouse, mmm.

Keith and I did a little splurging over the weekends to indulge in our carnivorous appetite. Mmm.

Outback steakhouse was a brilliant experience, with brilliant atmosphere, yummy food, yummy sides, yummy cocktail.

My outback sirloin…

Keith’s rockhampton rib-eye.

Okay we figured the waitress probably misheard my ‘medium well’ as ‘medium’ cos my meat came out oozing blood. But yummy, regardless. The potato? Mmmmm. Keith convinced me to eat the potato skin and to my amazement, it was sooooo incredibly tasty! The fries tasted fresh from a potato!

The steak came with lovely sauce that was justtttttt soooooo goooooood.

Heh heh heh it was worth every cent, though it can’t be forked out all the time. On top of that I had a haircut in the afternoon. HAHA. Ouch.

But all in all I had a splendid weekend. The company was perfect. (:


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