brunch and more

had a fantastic brunch today. (: keith decided we were gonna have brunch but refused to tell me where, then led me to jacob’s cafe at changi village (with some directions from random salesperson at guardian, no doubt :X) but it was a great surprise and i had a splendid meal. (: thank you!

i can’t wait to go home though i pretty much just came from there. i want lots of timeeee. lots of time to meet up, shop (oh that means lots of money too) and chill. on my own, with somebody, with lots of somebody.

alright, i’m slightly handicapped because i lost my roomie (like a left arm) to a cruise (titanic, she calls it) and before i start singing ‘my heart will go on’ i shall go enjoy some boggle and then tons of volleyball.

christmas is coming!

i can feel it in my fingers. and toes. *geek snort*

mental note: not too many lame jokes in a post, girl!

ps: sadly, i have a very small humour bone in me. i find few things funny and laugh at 95% of my own jokes. sighh.

somebody ask me to sentosa on a sunny day to play beach volleyball! ):


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