disturbing news

So we were watching the news and there it was, another news on Virginia Tech.

I kind of missed it cos it was in Mandarin so I went to check it up.

Apparently, a Chinese guy decapitated a Chinese girl who just recently went to US to study accounting.

On January 7, he wrote on a Chinese-language blog he had been so frustrated over stock losses and other problems that he thought “only of killing someone or committing suicide”.

Okay that was harsh.

Miss Xin, 22, was believed to have been having coffee with Haiyang in the campus Au Bon Pain cafe.


Seven witnesses from the cafe have said there was no argument or shouting prior to the killing on Wednesday at 7pm.

Let me get this straight. She had coffee with him, and then he killed her, DECAPITATED HER with a kitchen knife, there were seven witnesses and none could’ve stopped him? How quick does it take to cut off someone’s head exactly?!

The officer on the scene reported finding 25-year-old Haiyang holding her head in his hand, according to a police affidavit.

SERIOUSLY sick in the head!

It is understood the pair had recently made friends and PhD student Haiyang was listed as one of Miss Xin’s emergency contacts, according to university records.

Never thought ‘pick your friends properly’ was SUCH an drastic and crucial decision.

News source


I mean to be pissed off is fine. To punch the wall, to put your fist to someone’s head in anger is somewhat understandable.

How can anybody find using a knife to cut someone’s head off and hold it in your hands even the slightest bit a good measure to release that anger?! How can there be witnesses and nobody realise that death was in the making?! AND I’m sure she screamed before he slit her throat!

Gah. Disturbing!

PS: This cannot be an issue of race. I hope nobody brings that up.


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