dilemma galore

should i transfer the 845 euros today or not?

should i still major in marketing or h.r.?

should i do a double spec?

should i still go for exchange?

[if i wanna do a double spec, i can’t go for exchange.]



3 thoughts on “dilemma galore

  1. hmmmm.

    do you really, really want to do a double spec? i mean, if it really helps in future, you could.

    but the exchange would be a once in a lifetime experience though.

    sorry, not much of a help here. :S
    hate having to make this type of decisions!

    think about it slowly!

  2. thanks babe (:

    decided to go ahead with original plan. 😀 don’t think double spec will matter that much, according to seniors. though you work your ass off. :X

    and yeah france is a one in a lifetime. gahhh. tightens the belt quite a bit thoughhh.

  3. but totally worth it!
    the experience is all that counts babe. 🙂

    …and then you work your butt off when you’re back. hahaha.

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