setting foot in scandinavia

Back from a weekend trip to Oslo. It started off so awfully!

For each Ryanair (a budget carrier) flight, there’s a scheduled shuttle bus from central paris to beauvais airport. To get to central paris and make it on time, I had to leave my dorm by 5, so wake up by 4am. For some stupid reason, I had set the wrong alarm and when I woke up, what was glaring at me was the fact that it was 5!!!

So I missed the scheduled shuttle. Thank god there was another shuttle half an hour later for another flight. OH and while rushing, I lost one (leather!) glove. I haven’t even worn it yet! Growl.

Upon reaching the airport, there was a beeline everywhere it was driving me crazy. Bloody slow and inefficient. The gates were supposed to close by 905 am but at 905 am, after jumping queue, I was just getting through custom checks. By the time I got to the departure holding area, I realised my gate wasn’t even open yet, so I guess thank god for inefficiency…

So I made it, had a wonderful weekend. Was wondering if I had worn too many layers there but when I arrived, it was freezing cold with crazy strong winds! Without gloves I couldn’t take pictures! It was probably french winter weather. I forgot how warm it is in france till i returned.

Shou and Leanne hosted Kailin and me and it was so much fun. (: all the food and snacks and leaves. So, so much fun. I laughed till I was tearing a few times and I realised I haven’t had that in quite a few months! Not since I left home. Not even the last few months at home, camps and breakup. I haven’t laughed so hard for ages! Bloody good weekend trip!

And I liked Oslo because it’s got everything. Buses, trams, metro, ports, fortresses, grand parks, malls, shopping streets, best hot chocolate i’ve ever had, etc. To top it off, it was so safe and everyone seemed harmless. The only thing was that every single thing costs a bomb. Norwegians who travel to Asia must be living like royalties.

We also talked a lot about what we should do when we get back. First gathering could be steamboat. First day of school, we’ll meet for macs breakfast. Hahaha.

But we were so certain about whining about the weather in Sg. Getting back to France I think it’s warm though it’s probably around 12 degrees. Norway was close to 0. I think Sg’s weather is going to kill us all.

We also agreed that we were all kind of tired of travelling, it’s funny. It really is quite exhausting. We’re all craving for time to just slack days away. And we think that europe’s beginning to look the same oops. But playing in the park with heaps of fallen leaves was da bomb. Feels much more like fall now. (: really hope I get to see snow!!!

The flight back was rather awful. I was sleeping till all of a sudden I woke up feeling terrible. True enough my vision started getting blurrer and I was just so uncomfortable in any position but I was dizzy so I couldn’t stand up either. Thankfully I had mars bars with me so I ate one and felt better. Had that feeling one too many times in my life, wonder what’s wrong with me. Hmm.

Note to self: pack snacks and chocs for future flights. Haha.


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