this is what i call globalization

So I decided, no more whining about this trip ending. I’m just gonna take down little things I appreciate about the things we do here.

About an hour ago, at midnight, Gwenlyn (the other NTU girl with me), Alex (Russian guy) and I went down to Jongwoo (Korean guy)’s door. Gwenlyn taught us how to sing happy birthday in Korean and it was the funniest thing in the world, hearing Alex sing it. First of all, he’s tone deaf. Secondly, he’s Russian. Hahaha. I just laughed my ass off in the process. After struggling to remember which room he’s at and umpteen times of ringing his bell, we figured he’s not in his room. Where else could he be?

I was very sure he was in the gym. So we went down to check it out. There he was on a benchpress with his mp3 player on, completely puzzled as we swarmed into the gym and ambushed him with the Korean song. (Which Alex later called me a traitor for not singing loudly because, in his words, I just stood there laughing because “Alex looks like an idiot”. LOL.)

Coincidentally we found Stefan (German guy) in the gym too so we all stood in a circle around the benchpress chatting for a bit about everything before leaving the (macho) guys to continue working out.

HAHAHA. I love them.


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