in the heat of summer sunshine

Back for a week now, the humidity still drives me crazy. As I recall, Gwenlyn and I touched down wondering if the air-conditioning was working in Terminal 1 because we felt pure stuffiness and heat in the airport. Had to confirm that with my cousin, marc, brother and dad who came to pick me up. ❤ Indeed, the air-conditioning was working.

Nevertheless, it’s been a good week back thus far.

Prata with Audrey followed by getting my lion mane tamed/trimmed, then headed out for mum’s birthday dinner at No Signboard Seafood Restaurant on Friday. That was amazing.

Birthday parties of Gwenlyn and Helmi on the Saturday I was back. Interesting night.

Then it was Sushi Tei with Seige and Marc on Sunday, which had fab sashimi salad. Mmm.

Dim sum at Chinatown with Seige and Brice on Monday. That was funny. Think Brice only liked Char Siew Bao. I, on the other hand, loved all the dishes.

School began yesterday and it was such a rollercoaster ride for Audrey and I. Thank god we had each other to face school together. Sitting on the bus passing by the NTU sign, it made us nervous and out of place. But I think we did fine after. Had my french placement test and a 4-hour-long seminar which bored me to tears and caused me to get a headache.

Which didn’t stop me from heading out for a last minute plan – dinner at Standing Sushi Bar with Markus. Finally saw what the fuss was about. It was a tad pricey but probably one of the best, if not the best, japanese restaurants I’ve ever dined in. Right now, all I have to do is close my eyes and think of the salmon belly sushi and it’ll cause me to salivate.

School was much better today, meeting up the usual crew and having the usual laughs. It was good to be back, in a way. Thank god for them. Also headed out with KM after, for dinner at Golden Shoe where we had no luck getting our Nasi Lemak craving fulfilled. As it was our turn, they ran out of rice. Unbelievable luck, or the lack thereof. Had wanton mee instead which wasn’t too bad either.

More food adventures to come.


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