you can never get too much of ____

in life, there’s this list of things you can never get too much of. clothes, hair accessories, shoes, undergarment, bags, caps, jewellery…

but today i started trying to think of things, that at this time and age, with this spending power and as a girl, what is unnecessary to own more than 2 of:

  • handphones (this would be worrying)
  • laptops (because you stick to one like it’s your baby!)
  • TVs (who really watches shows out of them anymore?)
  • wallets
  • watches
  • shades (only applicable to our country)
  • water bottles
  • flip flops (really, this is not needed in large quantities unlike pumps and heels)
  • sneakers (see above)
  • jeans with the same colour tone
  • fedoras

and things that you don’t need at all:

  • fishnet stockings

  • those hair accessories that has a little tall hat stuck to a bobby pin with net around it

Ok i’m done.


4 thoughts on “you can never get too much of ____

  1. I have fishnet stockings! 😀 Erm, yea.

    And 2 wallets. Not sure why.

    And 3 pairs of flip flops. Also not sure why.

    Alamak, fail. 😦

  2. HAHA ok the wallets it NOT MORE THAN 2 so that’s fine. i’ve 2 wallets too but that’s cos i can’t bear to throw away the old one 😦

    uhm. uh. may i pry. WHY do you have fishnet stockings? HAHA.

  3. Haha, ohh, if you count the old one I have 3. Yea, I don’t know. I think I tried to justify it by the fact that I wouldn’t want to bring my Kate Spade one travelling, so I needed a cheap-ish backup. 😛

    Heee, we had a moulin rouge themed party quite a long time ago, and they’re leftover from there. Along with the trashiest corset you’ve ever seen. :p

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