I stumbled across a random site the other day, one of the many good reads I’ve decided to subscribe to.

And then, this amazing site/blog was recommended. www.thxthxthx.com

It’s such a wonderfully delight to read all the little things that would typically get on people’s nerves but she turns it around and finds genuine optimism in them.

It’s funny, we went through an emo period in the world while I was a teen. Music turned goth, heavy sounding, everyone was into dark eyeliners, heavy mascara, long fringes, emo tunes. It was the time when the word ’emo’ was born.

But these days, it seems that happiness is the ‘in’ thing again. Following the footsteps of ‘Glee’ which was created when the producer observed that there isn’t a show on television that was genuinely positive and happy and now it’s such a hit. (Happiness is so underrated!) So this site discovery was perfectly timed.

My favourite of all her posts I’ve read, has to be this:

It certainly does make the Monday blues go away a little 🙂

But right now, BON WEEK-END!


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