A Change


I just caught the last episode of The Hills – yes this is one of those rare times I’m actually gonna find the ability to draw parallel of that to my life.

So funny that Kristin would want a change – and decided to move to Europe for the summer. Real or not, I don’t care. To me, that’s how the story went.

But just last week, I told Jasmine I wanted to be able to move to Paris for a while, get my own apartment, walk down the streets, soak in the atmosphere, get a job there. I wanted to do some self-discovery. And also, since I didn’t live in Paris then, and I didn’t live in an apartment (it was more like a students’ residence!) that is really what I want to do.

Then I told Audrey and Seige later on in the week, that I needed a change. I wanted a change. I don’t mean like new clothes, new toys, new boys or whatever. I meant like a new environment. I want a change. I’m ready for a change.

And if I had my way, had their kind of money, I would do the same. I would pack my bags and say I’m moving for the summer. Be back in Sept. Bonjour, Paris.

If only, if only.


4 thoughts on “A Change

  1. ah yes, the good ol’ if-onlys. but you know, if onlys can come true. it might just take a bit longer for you. work for a bit, and then you might just be able to do it one day.

    just waiting for the day for you to tell me, “Bye babe, i’m off to Paris. See you in 6 months.” and then i’ll reply, “see you THERE!” 🙂

    1. awww thanks babe 🙂

      everyone i tell seem to think it’s an impossible, unlikely dream or one that i’ll regret cos it’s lonesome, etc. meh!

      i sure hope i’ll see you there 😀

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