Who’d ever thought I’d be writing about my country’s birthday, especially with all that talk about wanting to get out of the country, wanting to go find the heart I left in Paris, wanting to go to so many other places. But hey – I don’t hate this place.

I get that we have a lot of things that vaguely resemble propaganda, and so forth. But it gets annoying when some ugly Singaporeans are talking a lot of trash about the country. – Okay, so why are you still here? Why haven’t you migrated? A string of excuses will then come after. We’re just so pampered and sheltered that we’re never happy, we have so much to complain about but are too lazy to move – which says something, really.

But it’s our birthday today and I’m gonna list some things I do really appreciate about this place.

1) All my childhood memories

This is irreplaceable. I’m sure the memories would be different if I grew up somewhere else. But I’m not gonna complain, I had a pretty awesome childhood here.

2) Security

I really, really do like walking about not worrying about my safety. This is not even about knowing the place by heart. Should I be venturing into strange ground, it does not worry me that I’ve no idea where I am. I can easily find the bus stop and check up the maps at the bus stops or grab a cab without worrying the cabbie is gonna abduct me, tout, or bury me somewhere alive.

3) Little/lack of racism

This really kicks a lot of places’ asses. Because I look 100% Asian, (I get occasionally mistaken as Korean or Japanese or Taiwanese now and then but that’s still damn Asian) there is no hiding. I can dress like the locals but will always be looked at as an Asian and this can get me a lot of shit elsewhere (COUGHmilanCOUGH). So I’m damn glad I don’t get cigarette butts thrown at me while minding my own business walking down the streets by someone of another race (COUGHmilanCOUGH).

Et voila! There may be a whole lot of things I may not be a fan of here but these are undoubtedly great factors about this place. If I ever migrate in future (which is 50-50 at the moment, to be honest – oops), I will always be back now and then to see what else has been added to our skyline.


7 thoughts on “forty-five

  1. I left, I left! 😀

    Oh wait, that’s not quite in the ol’ national day spirit. :p There are definitely things I miss? That’s a bit better. Haha.

      1. I do try my very best. :p

        Seriously though, I’ve been thinking lately that there’s some possibility of me moving back sometime in the future, so who knows!

    1. haha i am, i am! (though not the job, but ah well). this is more very long term thinking.. i’m missing seeing my little nephew grow up, and i miss all my friends and family, you know? but man, that would be a scary step, going back. :S

  2. i learnt in polisci in canada that a lot of people living in the developed Asian countries (Asian Tigers, haha) are satisfied with the status quo, and dont see a need to do anything about anything – in terms of politics i think. HAHA! so yep, they’ll complain a lot, but not do anything about it!

  3. if they’re satisfied, why are they complaining. hahaha. human beings can never be satisfied lah but should learn to stop yakking if they don’t intend to do anything. 😛

    oh nods, lianne, i understand… and there probably isn’t enough $ to keep going back and forth either, damn flight fares!

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