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Now and then I enjoy sharing sites whose RSS feeds I follow. Today I actually read an article about two of my favourite fashion bloggers-in-lurve, The Sartorialist (by Scott Schuman) and Garance Doré.

I’m sure everyone has heard of the Sartorialist, I mean he’s led the revolution of the fashion photo-blogging world, inspiring the Singaporean Sartorialist and everywhere else. Although half the time I do wonder why and how he finds enough stylish people to post this often. I don’t necessarily agree with every single image I see, but now and then I bump into some I think looks amazingly chic!

Credits: The Sartorialist

Credits: The Sartorialist

Reading Garance Doré has a different story – it wasn’t because she was famous. I first came across her blog while randomly surfing links of other fashion blogs I pop by now and then. As I found out she was french and blogged in both french and english, I began to follow it thinking it could be a step forward to improving my french. (BUT it really isn’t easy reading her blog in french because there’s so much description that my vocabulary library just isn’t sufficient.) Nevertheless, I loved her sketches, recounts on model selection, travelling, and of course, photos! Again, I don’t agree with all of them but some, I just love!

Credits: Garance Doré

Credits: Garance Doré

Do check em out if you haven’t already done so! 🙂


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