Harry Potter and the…

While growing up, I never caught on with reading best sellers. Even when the books stood out like Harry Potter, where kids and adults alike queued hopelessly waiting for the release of the next series. But the movie sure as hell caught on for me.

It’s not one of those shows you watch and forget the next day. It’s the sort you wait year after year, asking your excited friends, “When is the next Harry Potter movie coming out?”

The first movie came out when I was 12. Till today, I have absolutely no idea who I caught the first film with but I remembered that it was magical. The pictures had motion and the last bit brought tears to my eyes. The actors were tiny human beings, as tiny as I was.

The next came out when I was 13. This year, I made friends with one of my current best friends with whom I will forever remember as the girl who loves Harry Potter. (Hi Audrey!) Then the films after came out when I was 15, 16, 18, 20, 21 and 22 – basically the years that moulded who I am today, and I had Harry Potter.

Seven stories and eight films later, I can’t believe it has ended – much like the best sitcom ever, FRIENDS. But I think these things, they all end off with a bang. And I think these stories that made up my childhood, they will forever have a place in me. And someday, I will make my kids sit through a Harry Potter movie marathon regardless of whether they think it’s too old to be cool.

Thanks for the good times, Harry Potter!


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