The Firsts in 2011

Some weeks back, I was on course (and still am but this is a different one) and the consultant began his introduction by asking everybody this question. When was the last time you did something for the first time?

I thought this was an absolutely brilliant question! I’ve never pondered over this. I began to think about my whole year – which is highly appropriate seeing as to how this year is coming (really close) to a close.

But I’m proud to say I’ve done the following these year for the first time, ever:

  • Run a marathon

Acutally I did two – and I was the kind of girl who barely scrapes through her fitness tests. Running actually is a huge feat and possibly unimaginable a year back. I’ve gotten lazy again though, hopefully next year I would get my act together and run more.

  • Watch rugby

Who knows, maybe I’ll understand a new sport every year. This was thoroughly interesting for me. The sport itself is great, the players are huge but gentlemanly, and understanding the need for hakka and such was such an eye-opener!

  • Watch a musical

I finally did, I finally did! I caught Wicked (Australian cast) and it was so bloody brilliant, I was mesmerized by everything – the props, the costumes, the acting, the singing, the live orchestra – they were amazing. I would highly, highly recommend it and this will definitely be the start of many to come.

  • Drive

I finally passed my driving test this May, and got to drive only a handful of occasions – nevertheless, I love the feeling of empowerment when I’m behind the wheel. This is not to say I’m a brilliant driver though – I’m a horrible reckless driver. (Honesty is the best policy?) That’ll improve over time, I hope.

  • Graduate

Hell-freaking-yeah, I did. I had the gown, the mortar board, and all that jazz. I threw my mortar board up in the air. I didn’t trip while getting on stage to receive my certificate. I’m finally a graduate with a Bachelor degree.

  • Work, full-time

Yeah, following the above, I’m thankful I’m employed – in a rather well-perceived company, with rather lovely people. Hopefully when I’m back in the office (and receive the full blow of what my working life really is gonna be like), I’ll like it. One can only hope right?

  • Work in F&B industry

Oh gosh, this was the best holiday job ever. I loved the food, the people, meeting other people, collecting money, counting money, chopping up vegetables, making coffee. This was honestly, truly, deeply a huge interest of mine that I’ve discovered. Who knows, maybe some path in the future will lead me to F&B!

  • Travel to Madrid, Lisbon, Amsterdam, Brussels

I visited the above places for the first time during graduation trip and I liked them! I think I grew as a traveller, to better able to pack light, get more comfortable with wherever I was at, to desire indulging in a local’s life, walking down the streets and enjoying a good cup of coffee, as opposed to filling up my days with monument after monument. Great days!

  • Be in Paris alone

This was quite a feat – I’ve been on exchange but I’ve never spent days wandering around the streets of Paris on my own. On one of the days, I walked from 9th arrondisement to 2nd to 1st to 4th to 5th – all in a day. I saw more sights from an aimless walk than I ever did. That was really etched in my mind as I refused to check the metro map. And to be reminded of good memories, and still be fascinated by a city – that is the magic of Paris for me.

  • Be in a long-distance relationship

Mmm, I think it’s so damn easy to keep thinking about differences (in time, space, culture, language, traditions, backgrounds, etc), so I think the toughest bit about an LDR is to focus on the similarities and be accepting of the changes we’re undergoing separately. This, I definitely didn’t expect a year ago.

  • Witness a lunar eclipse

I swear that was really fascinating. I’ve never seen any before – but apparently there’s a solar eclipse in 2012, looking forward to that!

What have you done for the first time this year?


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