I don’t miss traveling but I miss…

I think in some strange way, the trip to Germany has changed me.

But then again, I think I change with every trip to Europe I take.

I still haven’t been particularly happy about much around here. I didn’t like being so connected anymore, so I quit Twitter and Instagram.

And if it were the travelling, I would understand because I was on holiday. But I don’t miss travelling or sightseeing.

Instead, what I miss are the trivial things. I miss having long and great conversations over meals. I miss eating those hi-fiber brotchen. I miss having less commercialization around me. I miss being disconnected. I even miss drowning in a land of foreign language.

I miss having my nose, cheeks and ears feel cold. I also miss having the sun on my skin without perspiring like a pig.

I miss being incredibly happy. I miss being so happy I end up doing my happy dance.

I miss going to bed knowing that S is there or will join me. I miss being waken up by my body clock, and comforted to know he is still there. I miss trying to inch closer while he’s asleep. And I miss being convinced by him to get out of bed.

I miss feeling like nothing else really matters in this world.


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