How to Deal with Your Overly Emotional Girlfriend

Recently, my emotions have been like a swing rocking back and forth. Some days it goes real far forward, like I’m about to leap off and fly; some days it goes so far back, I thought I’d slip off and fall flat on my face.

Yesterday was one of the latter. I was crazily emotional. Crazy. Grouchy. Full of thoughts and worries.

I did the good ol’ trick of going jogging, and taking the cutest furry animal with me. It worked for an hour after, and then I ran out of endorphins.

For absolutely no real reason at all, I was terribly upset. I felt like crying, and I did. I tried to hide it in my phone call, but S heard the quiver in my voice. I lied when he asked if I was alright. He knew I wasn’t.

After releasing every ridiculous worry, S said everything positive regarding everything negative I said. I knew I was being ridiculous and I felt like a crazy girlfriend.

I: I hope for every one crazy day of me, you enjoy at least ten good days of me to make it worthwhile.

S: so far I had only good days – you have got a handsome amount of crazy days to spend.

Bless his heart. What a line.


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