Burgers come with fries

I met up with my favourite girls last night. When I got back, I explained to the fiancé that we met up at a burger place, but suddenly it astounded me as to how incredibly health conscious many of them have become.

As the waitress came around to take our order, the majority ordered a salmon burger. And everyone asked to change their side to a salad. The waitress asked me what I’d like, as I ordered their pork patty burger. She had to double check if I wanted it with the fries as originally intended in the menu. I said yes.

I: I couldn’t believe that all of them changed their sides. I mean, burgers are supposed to come with fries.

Fiancé: You’re arguing like a man.

I: I’m not trying to be a man. It’s the truth!

F: Still… like a man.

I: We were at a burger place! It’s not the right place to be health conscious!

F: I know, it’s like drinking diet coke.

So true.

And burgers are supposed to be eaten with fries! Don’t split up the happy couple!


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