Work and extra work

I suppose I’m thankful for my current job for several things.

I came into it with no concrete job description. It was made up along the way. It was probably unintentional that so many little responsibilities fell into my lap along the way.

Truth be told, I often feel isolated in my department. We work individually because of the nature of the job. Some days I feel happier because more people are talking to me, fulfilling my need for human interaction.

But with these little responsibilities, I get to see the world outside of my tiny department. And I’m thankful for it.

It’s so easy, fashionable even, to term them extra-curricular, be unhappy about the unnecessary additional workload, meetings, deadlines. It’s so easy to shirk them, say it’s the lowest of my priorities – go away, try to get it out of your hands.

But in actual fact, I’m so glad I get to know more people through this. I’m glad to be tasked these little things.

This must sound really bizarre.
(And evidently brings up an issue of job fit!)