Feeling blessed, just because.

Every now and then I get caught up in the where-do-I-go-from-here, what-do-I-want situation, I get lost in the pursuit of happiness. Then moments sprout up and I realise that I’ve so much to be thankful for.

I’m six months into my first full-time job. Sure, six months old is a baby but I’ve finally reached a stage where I feel comfortable being at work. I’m still not sure if my job’s what I want to be doing (and that’s another story on its own) but the people are lovely. Just yesterday, a colleague took the time to sit in the terrace with me just to find out how I was doing, and boldly shared with me about his past.

I say ‘boldly’ not because it’s of embarrassing content. But to share your personal anecdotes, I think it takes courage. It’s putting yourself in a vulnerable spot for all to see, and it’s free for all to judge or critique you on. I think that’s one of the toughest things I face when making small talk with people. I often face a roadblock simply because I don’t feel comfortable enough with sharing. And then in kind, people would feel awkward. I was egged on to share a story I’ve been telling and retelling but my mouth was shut, apart from a one-liner synopsis. Oops.

But I digress.

My parents are lovely folks. My mum cooks every dinner, and both eagerly ask me every morning if I’ll be returning home for dinner. Often the answer is yes, but often I return at around 8. Despite that happening a lot, mum would text when it’s past 7.30 to double check if I was, in fact, going to have dinner at home. Usually I reply when I’m downstairs; well, to say that I was downstairs. When I get home, she’s usually warming the food up for me. Blessed.

My brother is engaged to marry, and after a casual whine about how I wasn’t invited to take a look at some wedding locations they were looking at, he texted me to say that they were revisiting some places and invited me to join the couple in their hunt. He isn’t a sibling that is affectionately expressive. In a country where there is not much hugging or kissing your family, it is hard to tell. (I wish we were. Physical touch is underrated.) Especially when his messages frequently end off with ‘hmph’ or ‘ew’ or ‘you’re hmph/ew’. But I would know that he was being affectionate. Blessed.

My boyfriend is quite some miles away and is almost always busy. Like when he was back at his parents’, he managed to find some time, between having lunch with his parents and taking his grandma out for tea, to find out how I was doing. (Well, not really tea. Kaffee und Kuchen, as they call it. It literally means coffee and cake. Yum.) Between stressing over his masters thesis and catching football matches at a bar with his friends, he sends “beer-tasting kisses” as he calls it. It makes me laugh. Blessed.

My friends are a mixed bunch. Some are halfway across the globe; some are just a few streets down from where I live. And still, I feel like I can reach out to them anytime, and they would listen to me whatever my story may be. From politics to family, living styles to food, culture to gossip, I can always find someone to talk to. Granted I’m not someone with many close friends, the ones that count are amazing. Blessed.

I’m also at a stage where I seem to want to learn anything and everything. You’d think that phase would die down upon graduation, but I think it has only strengthened since. Signing up for classes just gives me an undeniable thrill, even if I know it’s going to be a huge challenge. I’m gearing up for a physical challenge and the challenge of picking up a new language. I’m plastering post-it notes around my cubicle (and soon, my room will get a piece of it too) to help me catch on with the language quick. And I’m truly thankful for having the luxury of time and financial capability of taking these up. Blessed.

If your day feels like crap, take a second and look around. Despite the crap, what are you thankful for?