zum ersten Mal (for the first time)

In the spirit of creating new experiences, I’ve had several firsts this Easter weekend.

Since it was my dad’s birthday coming up (plus an awesome friend of my brother who had an awesome deal), we had a staycation. That’s a vacation in the same country. Well, that might sound like a proper holiday, but bearing in mind that I live in a city-state…

I also learnt that the German expression for that is „Wir machen Urlaub auf Balkonien“, which literally translates to a vacation on the balcony. That cracks me up. Anyway, I digressed.

During the staycation, I bugged the poolside bartender and made him laugh through my pursuit of the ball owned by the hotel. It was a volleyball that eventually was on the loose and I swam for it.

I ended up playing ball with a little boy in the pool – and that was such a ball! (Excuse my pun.) We ended up creating moves before our throws, which included spinning around under water, doing Gangnam style, the chicken dance, etc. He was about 5. Mentally, I was about 6.

When my parents had gone to sleep and my brother and his fiancée left us, I went down to the bar by myself. I’ve never gone to a bar by myself. It sounds incredibly sad and truth be told, I was rather bummed out but the live band was amazing. When the band completed their performance, I wasn’t tired enough yet so I lingered around. The bartender and his manager were such lovely souls. It was not until this weekend that I’ve said anything more than what drink I wanted to a bartender!

It was also not until today that I’ve done anything with eggs on Easter. Looking forward to the reaction of my parents when they open the fridge tomorrow.

easter eggsFrohe Ostern! (Happy Easter!)


die Eier (eggs)

I was suddenly reminded of a random morning last week, whereby S was quicker than I was with getting ready in the morning.

He usually is, but not by a lot. (He’s not slow. Once I’m out of the shower, I’m quite quick!)

When I was done that morning, I only found him in the kitchen where he was making scrambled eggs with mushrooms for his new flat mate and me.


And I asked him about it. He did it “just because”.

I can’t tell you how sexy that is.