A new phone

I finally did it, guys.

I finally got a new phone.

I struggle with getting over the fact that I've retired my previous phone. It was my very first smartphone, and I got it shortly before my 21st birthday. It was a big deal.

Because after that, WhatsApp and FaceTime and Instagram appeared. And I'd bet many people today can't remember how rudimentary communication was before.

What, picking up the phone to dial the numbers to call somebody? Are you crazy? How could you disturb someone like that? I'd write them a message to ensure they're okay with me calling and are perfectly aware that they have to get into a verbal communication with me, then call them. Because no one has the right to miss calls anymore.

Instant communication, people!

So after 7 years of using my first smartphone (yes, seven), I looked for a new phone.

I struggled a little, grasping the fact that I had to retire my 7-year-old phone. I don't believe it has maximized its potential.

But the iOS wouldn't update anymore, new apps couldn't be downloaded. Scrolling and clicking takes a long time.

I hadn't realized how slow it was till I got my new phone. I even got inspired to write a blog post on my phone about my phone. Well done, me.

So there we have it. I'm connected again!


Would Steve Jobs be Steve Jobs in Singapore?

We mourned for the loss of the amazing Steve Jobs. This is in spite of conspiracy theorists who condemn the mourning by explaining how he’s not a genius as we all think he is.

Well, he may not be the one actually inventing the products, and surely the consumerism in people plays a larger role than the products themselves. But he was visionary enough to take risks and guide and give the green light on products, and hell, he sure knows how to sell and brand them. That – we all know – isn’t present in all bosses. Alas, he is still amazing, and I’m sad that our future generation may not know who he is though he defines what our current generation is.

This drives me to my next point. I can’t help but wonder – Would Steve Jobs have been successful had he been in Singapore instead? I mean, sure, his success if clear in Singapore, the land of iPhones, iPods (touch/nano/etc), and iPads. But had he been born and bred here?

I highly doubt it.

1, he was a college drop out. Would anyone take him seriously here? Would the society despise him? Would the society provide him with any support should he need it?

2, he wasn’t well to do. Given our stringent bankruptcy law, would he have taken all the risks he needed to set up Apple Inc?

3, he was fired from his own company. Would this create enough stigma for all companies to never want him onboard?

4, amidst the risk-averse Asians, would he have felt enough passion to push forward these ground-breaking technological devices?

5, while living amongst ministers with skyrocketing salaries, would he still persisted on a $1 monthly wage to prove his point?

So who knows if we have the next Steve Jobs living among us? Will he/she shine like he would’ve given Steve Jobs’ circumstances? Hmmm…

PS: While everyone is busy scrambling to find his commencement speech and give lots of memorable quotes he left at that speech, I’m happy to brag that I’ve done that before. Hell yes.