French Actress

As the radio talked about the possibility of living on mars, I spoke to H about my skepticism towards it – because as humans, I feel that we are killing our earth and now possibly disrupting the equilibrium of another planet to save ourselves.

Then I went on to the topic of wondering if the human race will be completely wiped out one day. H thinks we wouldn’t, because we’re not dinosaurs.

I suddenly thought of epidemic possibilities, and wanted to make inferences to the film Contagion.

I: You know, the film with the famous french actress?

H: Errr…

I: Name me a few french actresses.

H: Brigitte Bardot

I: Nope

H: Sophie Marceau

I: Nope. She’s the one with the famous partner and they did a lot of films together.

H: Catherine Deneuve.

I: Nope, the one with the famous partner.

H: Oh! Astérix and Obélix.

I laughed till I cried.


Relishing the last days of 23

I: so, enjoy having a 23-year-old girlfriend while it lasts.
S: hmmm…
I: soon I’ll say, remember when you had a 23-year-old girlfriend?
S: I had a 22-year-old girlfriend.
I: oh true.
S: oh, I even had a 21-year-old girlfriend!
I: oh TRUE!
S: wow! 21! So young! Barely legal!
I: what?! 21 is an adult!
S: just a baby!
I: any age is young to a 70-year-old.
S: (silence)

I like to think, love is being able to make fun of each other.

The Perfect Timing

About a month ago, S and I returned from Batam. It was April fool’s.

We had a late dinner, he grabbed a beer, we hung out. After, he laid in bed while I went to wash up.

He was obviously exhausted and had fallen asleep. I crept into the room when I was done and whispered.

I: Babe? Are you asleep?
S: (groggily) huh?
I: Are you asleep?
S: (still groggy) yes
I: There’s a weird man standing at the door!
(no response)
I: did you hear me?
S: (still groggy) huh?
I: I said, there’s a weird man at the door!
S: (sits up in silence with eyes closed)
I: babe?
S: (groggy) huh?
I: Never mind, happy April fools.
S: (lies down and falls asleep)

And they say timing is everything.