Mein Lieblingskartoffelnesser und ich

Another part of living together makes you experience things as simple as potato-cooking.

I come from a land where we don’t have potatoes as a staple. S and his dad can eat a million potatoes in one go. Because of that, S and I have never agreed on the amount of potatoes to cook. He always puts what looks enough to feed four of me, while I put what looks enough to feed two of me. (As I cook often either just for me or for both of us, the portion sizes go according to how many of me I feed.)

So finally, yesterday, I decided to let go. I placed more potatoes in the pot than I was comfortable with.

I: Na? Ich hoffe, die Kartoffeln sind genug für dich, mein Lieblingskartoffelnesser!
(Well? I hope the potatoes are enough for you, my favourite potato-eater!)

S: Awwwwwww, so sweet!! Danke, meine Lieblingskartoffelnkochin!
(Awwww, so sweet!! Thank you, my favourite potato-cooker!)

I: Ohh, deine Mutter wird nicht glücklich sein.
(Ohh, your mum will not be happy to hear that.)

S: Oops! Shhh!

You’d think we have sweeter pet names for each other…


From LDR to LT (Living Together)

Having spent two years in a long distance relationship, you’d think that life is a bed of roses when you dramatically slow-jog into each other’s arms, and passionately kiss each other like each day is your last.

Not quite.

To be honest, I spent the first month getting used to living with the love of my life. Nobody said it was easy – We’ve both been warned (just days before living together) that cohabiting could make or break you. I mean, are you really sure you love the person enough to be able to stand being around them all the time? To see them and their habits in their natural habitat?

I told myself, of course – we’ve spent 24 hours X 14 days together before. I already know him. This should be no different. But it is.

In the first month, I had gone through an emotional roller coaster ride, on both sides of the spectrum. But then we weren’t on holiday anymore, and we have our lives to run. We can’t be spending every minute with each other (as we would while visiting each other during the LDR phase), and we can’t always be 100% loving as if one of us were leaving.

Having said that, one month later, I think we’re in a really good place. We’ve figured a routine that works for both of us, and we have our own lives to lead now. My social life is still not as stable as his (not in a comparative way, but living in a new city does make creating a social circle a little tough) but we’re figuring it out.

We’ve finally both understood how to savour the moments of being together while still being able to give each other space, in this same apartment we both call home, to do what we have to do.

This did take work. We’ve talked about it, debated about it, (I’ve) cried over it, and now for the past few weeks since his return (he spent 2 weeks away for work), I’ve never felt happier!

Last night we had dinner in front of the TV, switching between shows I like to watch and shows that he likes to watch. (They are different.) Then he put on some great music, ready to complete some reading he needed to do, while I needed to study for a test today. But the music was great and his dancing feet triggered a chain reaction, and we danced like it was the 80’s. Finally we put everything away while he read on the coach, and I sat on the floor by the coffee table.

It was some kind of bliss!

Failing to start an argument

After returning from a 2-week long conference away from Berlin, S was busy pouring (yes, pouring) his clothes into the laundry basket.

S: Darling, could you do the laundry tomorrow please?
I: No.
S: How about the day after tomorrow?
I: No.
S: Another day?
I: Never.
S: Ok! I’ll do it!

Argh, how do you get mad at such a boy?

(Yes, I did the laundry.)